Photo: Al Schreitmueller

Photo: Dan Nerny

EWE Spirit Foundation

In loving memory of Geoff Ewenson

1970 - 2020

Welcome to the EWE Spirit community, where we carry on the legacy of world-class sailor Geoff Ewenson, an extraordinary leader, friend, and loved one whose incomparable example continues to guide us toward a kinder, happier world.


In the wake of Geoff’s unexpected passing, his wife, Mary, created the EWE Spirit Foundation to continue and expand upon his efforts to aid those among us who are most in need. People who knew Geoff instantly recognize the foundation’s logo: the stylized abbreviation of his last name, “EWE” (pronounced, “You”), that he used to mark all of his belongings. Now, we hope even more people will begin to recognize the EWE logo as a symbol of generosity and hope.

This January Team EWE Spirit will be in Key West to sail, run and fundraise. To learn more, click here


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