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The EWE Spirit Foundation honors the legacy of Geoff Ewenson by helping those facing immediate hardship bridge financial and social support gaps.

EWE Spirit Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization.


Our vision is a kind world where everyone has the resources, assistance, and opportunity to live with dignity, hope and joy.



Geoff believed everyone deserves a level playing field and an opportunity to shine. In both his career and his personal life, he treated all people with respect and went out of his way to make others feel included and supported. Unfairness in any manner profoundly disturbed him, and he made every effort possible to right such wrongs. In his honor, EWE Spirit focuses on activities that remove inequity and increase fairness and inclusion.


Geoff embodied the ideals of sportsmanship. Though a fierce competitor, he often offered assistance and encouragement to his opponents, believing that inspiring others to “up their game” benefited everyone. A life-shaping mentor and remarkably calm leader in times of crisis, Geoff also had an uncanny ability to bring people together in harmonious, effective teams. Despite his great success, he was never afraid to be vulnerable or share the spotlight. Most of all, his genuine empathy and kindness lifted the hearts of every person he met. EWE Spirit promotes the mentorship, leadership, and camaraderie that Geoff exemplified.


When Geoff committed to a cause, he was all in. He selflessly donated his time and savings to help those in need, even during times when his own resources were limited. He routinely volunteered for nonprofits he believed in, such as Athletes Serving Athletes, seeing himself not as an occasional helper, but as a dedicated member of the community. His greatest passion was for serving people with immediate needs, whether those were friends and family members or strangers he encountered on the street. His generosity knew no bounds. EWE Spirit expands on Geoff’s goals by serving people in crisis, people suffering from sudden, unexpected grief or hardship, and people lacking the social or financial resources to meet their immediate needs.


All those who knew Geoff were deeply touched by his unmistakable, unshakable joy. His humor, passion for life, and delight in spending time with others, regardless of their backgrounds or ideology, were contagious. His energy and enthusiasm made even the most tedious tasks fun. Ever grateful for the happiness in his own life, he committed to spreading that joy to those less fortunate. Geoff’s optimistic motto was: “Things have a way.” The goal of EWE Spirit is exactly what our name says: to spread EWE’s (Geoff’s) optimistic spirit around the world, encouraging all to embrace love and live life to the fullest.

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