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The 11 Commandments

Sail like EWE did. Live like EWE did.

Why 11? Why not 10? Because this one goes to 11. That’s one more.

1. I will commit to making sailing better for everyone.


2. I will mentor young sailors and help them gain access to big boat sailing.


3. I will help people in the boat park and on the dock.


4. I will welcome new boat owners to the fleet, introduce them to other owners, and help them learn the fleet culture and how to make their new boats go better.


5. I will learn the racing rules of sailing.


6. I will put safety first and wear my lifejacket when I should.


7. I will make time to connect with anyone I got into it on the racecourse with and shake their hand, buy them a beer, etc. Even if we are headed for the room, I will remember we are all out there for the same thing—to have fun—and that we just saw things differently.


8. I will thank the race committee, volunteers and sponsors and will go to the regatta party to interact with them and other sailors.


9. I will fly the EWE flag (or sport other EWE gear) to show that I sail like EWE did, and I will always be watching, ready to catch others sailing like EWE did. When I do, I’ll thank them.


10. I will support the mission of the EWE Spirit Foundation on and off the water.


11. I will not forget how lucky I am to be able to sail like EWE did.

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