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Nick Ewenson, Secretary

Nick Ewenson was Geoff’s youngest sibling, born and raised in Newport, Rhode Island. Although Nick was 10 years younger than Geoff, the two brothers shared many of the same childhood highlights: big, extended family gatherings, sailing out of the Ida Lewis Yacht Club, competing in other sports, attending Tabor Academy. Sailing continued to be the catalyst that brought them together in their adulthood. The two would often team up for a regatta or two, either on Geoff and Mary’s Viper, in Wednesday night Shields racing, or on a boat that Geoff was managing. 

Nick began his professional career in the marine industry as a junior sailing coach and then a collegiate coach. He has since shifted toward program management for community-based sailing programs, first at New England Science and Sailing, and then at Sail Newport, where he is currently the race programs director. These roles have given him hands-on, nonprofit experience to bring to the EWE Spirit board of directors. Making a positive impact in his community is part of Nick’s daily working life, and now, through EWE Spirit, he is grateful for another avenue to bring more equity, connection, service and joy to the world. He couldn’t think of a better way to honor his amazing brother! 


Outside of work, Nick is committed to recreating in the natural world as much as he can get away with doing. Racing various types of sailboats in different formats still takes some of his attention, but the lure of non-competitive interaction with the ocean pulls him more and more. Kitesurfing, surfing and sailing for sailing’s sake now rival his first love of racing boats. Away from the water, Nick is happiest when he is in the company of his wife, Meredith, and their sweet-hearted pup, Winnie. The three live in Newport. 

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