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EWE Spotlight - Amanda and Guy Avellon

The Live Like EWE program recognizes people going above and beyond in ways that remind us of Geoff's spirit. Those “caught in the act” of living like EWE will receive a special gold EWE sticker.

We are proud to announce the newest recipients of the Gold EWE award: Amanda and Guy Avellon. When they married in December 2022, instead of setting up the traditional gift registry, the couple requested donations for two charities. One was a local toy drive, and the other was the EWE Spirit Foundation.

Amanda and Guy met in Houston in the early days of, both during a time of "restart" in their lives. The two had many things in common and enough not in common to make their relationship rich in sharing.

One of their common attributes is the enjoyment of giving back to the community they live in. They choose to donate their time and financial assistance to fiscally responsible organizations with mission statements that resonate with them. In short, their criteria evaluate how much actually is delivered to the community/family/individual in need versus administrative costs. Amanda and Guy have been involved with veterans programs, various hospitals, and disaster relief aid.

Mary Ewenson, the EWE Spirit Foundation president, was thrilled to recognize the Avellons’ charitable spirit with this award. “I love that Guy and Amanda have started their married life together by supporting EWE Spirit and Amber’s Reason for the Season,” she said. “Both of these organizations plug in to make life just a little bit better for those in need. Clearly Guy and Amanda have figured out that the best thing to do with great love is share it! And, just months after receiving the Gold EWE, Guy was back at it with a Facebook birthday fundraiser for EWE. Amazing!”

Guy met Mary’s husband and EWE Spirit’s inspiration, Geoff Ewenson, through sailing in Annapolis in the late ’90s. They had many adventures on the water together—on the same team and as competitors, but always as friends. Guy recalls, “I went on to meet Mary through Geoff, as they were inseparable and always having fun together. Amanda knew of Geoff through photos we had up, and they met at Bacardi in 2015. Our discussions were not always about sailing, but about family, sports, future travels and community involvement.”

In Guy’s words, “At the inception of the EWE Spirit Foundation, we were ‘in’ because of the reputation and caring that Mary and Geoff lead through their lives. The mission statement solidified our belief and resonated that this is an organization we want to support. We like that the gifts are not just ‘handouts,’ but are strategic in assistance so that the recipient has an ‘opportunity to live with dignity, hope and joy.’”

We are so grateful for Amanda and Guy’s commitment to spreading the EWE Spirit through their actions, words and lives. Thank you for living like EWE!

Do you know someone deserving of the Gold EWE? We want to hear about it! Email with nominations.



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